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:thumb269960401:Pinkamena stamp by jewlechoSad Pinkie Stamp by jewlecho
So hello, and welcome to my dA page.
I'm just a little pony that studies inapplicable math, befit only for an infirm ivory tower dweller. I'm also interested in anatomy, biology and death. Expect to find a lot of depressing stuffs in my gallery.
My ponysona is Cosmia Nebula, and she is a freelancing astronomer and mathematician living somewhere near Ponyville Library.

Pinkamena is my favorite pony.

Vegetarian Stamp by Veggi-Club
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Geek Stamp Series - Science by Ducksauce-splashMad Scientist - stamp by martinaceciliaHere Comes Twilight Stamp by Kevfin
Twilight Sparkle 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHansTwilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlecho
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What Would Pinkie Pie Do? by GingerFoxy

"Equestria cannot exist, for our world would bring corruption to such a miracle if it ever does. The human chaos from our world would tear their world apart. Their nonexistence is what is protecting their perfection."
It is a fact that
$$\sigma{n}{i=m} i = \frac{(m + n)(n - m + 1)}{2}$$
Or, in other words...
¨The summation from m to n is the half of the product of, the sum of m and n, and n minus m plus 1
(You see? That´s why mathematicians use formulas rather than words. Kudos to those Medieval Arabic scholars who wrote entire books on algebra entirely in words!)

But enough of this gabbing. 55 questions.

Ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people (don't list names):
1. ¨Fuck, fuck you all --- I meant, fuck you both.¨
2. ditto
3. ¨Why did you abandon mathematics? Financial mathematics is NOT mathematics -- it´s betrayal.¨
4. ¨I told you I suck at playing computer games.¨
5. ¨Suicide is always a good option --- just rarely the optimal one.¨
6. ¨I told you I don´t need nice penmanship. Fuck you.¨ [some teacher used to require us to write pretty Hanzi... I despised it because I could not write well.]
7. ¨How much money is enough? (why would you want that much money? You could use that time for some other things, you know.)¨
8. ¨I´m sorry. I should have helped you.¨
9. ¨It does not make sense. How can you be so sure with so little supporting evidence?¨
10. ¨I´m not fat now.¨

Nine things about yourself:
1. I´m a mathematician. I like mathematics more than most people.
2. It is hard for me to like what I draw, so I procrastinate about drawing way to much.
3. I have not cut my hair for more than a year.
4. I was raised in China.
5. I like to wear a cat collar with a bell on it.
6. I am extremely good at taking exams.
7. Talking to non-friends makes me want to scream, and when I get to be alone again, I would.
8. Pinkamena is my girlfriend.
9. I love eating muffins, influenced by the super adorable Derpy Hooves.

Eight ways to win your heart friendship:
1. Understand and accept the melancholic/pessimistic way of thinking about things.
2. Not a businessperson.
3. Not having lots of friends. Certainly mustn´t be a socialite.
4. Honest.
5. Tolerant of ¨queer¨ people.
6. Do art, or mathematics, or BOTH!!
7. Not conspicuously masculine in appearance, speech, or thoughts. Males scare me.
8. Give me hugs (virtual ones are fine).

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1. I want to go to bed.
2. Why did I get out of bed at all?
3. Will they ever shut up and let me go?
4. Tell me what you want me to say and I´ll say it!
5. Should I clop now?
6. I want my organs be fully donated.
7. Would they find my body before it decomposes?

Six things you wish you never had to do:
1. Eat. Eating is such a chore. Shopping and preparing food, doubly so.
2. Live with parents. It´s difficult.
3. Speak Chinese. It´s an ugly language and I feel like I have to brush my teeth after using it.
4. Say hello to non-friends. They are not my friends. Is it not enough if I´m not an obstruction in their lives?
5. Take classes I don´t like. What is a mathematician supposed to do with knowledge of ancient Chinese texts or Chemistry experimental procedures?
6. Be born.

I don´t care much about sex, so I´m just going to talk about what physical traits appear pretty to me, rather than my ¨turn-on/turn-off¨ per se.
Five turn offs:
1. Masculine traits, including, but not limited to: facial hair, sharp muscle lines, dramatic musculature, buzz cut. Think Bulk Biceps.
2. Hyperfeminine traits. Think Marilyn Monroe or Rarity, and you´d get the picture.
3. Obesity. Don´t laugh.
4. Piercings.
5. Smoke, alcohol, or drugs.

Four turn ons:
1. Choker and hoodie, preferably in gray/black, like Lonely Inky.
2. Hairstyle like Pinkamena Diane Pie, Inkie Pie, Maud Pie, Blinkie Pie, or Twilight Sparkle.
3. Gentle and melancholic expression.
4. Big hooves.

Three wishes for your future:
1. Not lose my friends due to misunderstandings.
2. Not die an ugly death.
3. Not go blind.

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Meet friends. They are so far away.
2. Look prettier.

One possession you could not live without:
1. My exceptional intelligence. I´m an intellectual.
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel
  • Eating: Zoloft
  • Drinking: Water

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