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Pinkie Pie - Cupcakes? by PokuMiiPinkamena stamp by jewlechoSad Pinkie Stamp by jewlecho
So hello, and welcome to my dA page.
I'm just a little pony that studies inapplicable math, befit only for an infirm ivory tower dweller. I'm also interested in anatomy, biology and death. Expect to find a lot of depressing stuffs in my gallery.
My ponysona is Cosmia Nebula, and she is a freelancing astronomer and mathematician living somewhere near Ponyville Library.

Pinkamena is my favorite pony.

Vegetarian Stamp by Veggi-Club
the most common stamp by ViscountDevil- I think too much - by YuhonOptimists by ToastersToastToastHumans are pathetic. by World-Hero21
Geek Stamp Series - Science by Ducksauce-splashMad Scientist - stamp by martinaceciliaHere Comes Twilight Stamp by Kevfin
Twilight Sparkle 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHansTwilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlecho
REQUEST: TwiShy Stamp by DallyDog101Twishy Stamp by migueruchan

What Would Pinkie Pie Do? by GingerFoxy

"Equestria cannot exist, for our world would bring corruption to such a miracle if it ever does. The human chaos from our world would tear their world apart. Their nonexistence is what is protecting their perfection."
I joined dA on 2011-02-25, and I don't quite remember why I did that... *look into my favorite folder* oh, I guess I created the account to collect lion king art... My first fav was this:
Twisted Princess: Nala by jeftoon01

Let's retrace back to prehistory.

When I was 13, I rediscovered an old cassette of The Lion King OST during one archeological hunt in my home, and got infatuated with TLK. I watched it again and again, and sang the songs, and tried my paws on fanfic, poetry and philosophical analysis on TLK. In summer of 2009, I found this beautiful place called The Lion King Fan Art Archive (TLKFAA), and the site consumed all my online life for the subsequent 2 years. Viewing all the art rekindled my long-lost desire to draw well. I also became obsessed with Kopa and Vitani (a common shipping in TLK fandom), an obsession that gave me my username "KopaLeo".
I was led to dA through some links to dA on TLKFAA. Sometime in 2010, I got a dA account to collect dA art, but didn't use it much.

Then in 2011 summer, I noticed a certain blue rainbow pegasus everywhere in the MyLionKing Forum that I liked to visit, so after many encounters, I thought, "might as well check what the fuss is about" and watched this video on 2011-09-11 (I recorded this event in my diary)

I was intrigued, and watched the first episode on 2011-09-12, and soon finished all of season 1. I felt profound happiness, and grew a deep desire for a life as a pony in Equestria, more than my previous wish to be a lion in Pride Lands.

After some more time, I gave up TLK and fully devoted myself to MLP. There was no "MLPFAA", so I got a dA account, but I was busy with studies, so I didn't use it much.

Then after some watershed event, I suddenly had lots of free time and a very darkened psychology, and I started hoarding sad MLP art in my favorite folder. I became a contributor to :iconsad-my-little-pony: in 2012 December, and has been there ever since, solemnly collecting every drop of pony sadness.
Then I had even more free time, and started creating art myself. I was prompted to make my first submission, some kind of free verse in computerspeak.…

Then I wrote two fanfics that both center on suicide. One for Pinkamena, one for Twilight. My favorite ponies has since been Twilight and Pinkamena.
Pinkie Pie's Final PartyThe sun is going down again. From the top of a haystack, I look down upon the party I set up, feeling a tinge of joy, something that has escaped me for long.
Everything still feels so unreal. Not too long ago, I was the cheerful, hopping pink pony with puffy mane that threw the best parties. Yet now, here I am, sitting alone in an abandoned barn on the lonely rock fields, eyes dried by excessive crying.
It all happened too suddenly, tearing my world apart. Everything was fine only a year ago. We went to Canterlot, defeated Chrysalis, and had parties, just as how things were meant to be.
But I guess parties can’t last forever after all.
A few days ago was Applejack’s memorial day. The apple family came together to Sweet Apple Acre to pay respect to her. Granny Smith, Big Mac and Applebloom were grief-ridden, but they had some shoulders to cry on. I? I don’t have such shoulders anymore, and I couldn’t bring myself to the memorial lest I breakdown. In fact, I have
Sparkle No MoreDear Twilight Sparkle, my most faithful student,
I have just finished reading your latest report on the Amniomorphic Spell, and it was, as always, interesting and informative. However, if you refer to p.340 of Theory of Morphism, you would see that formula (23) in your derivation was wrong, an error that propagated subsequently. On account of this, I have to give you a “B+”, and ask you to send me a corrected version of your report.
My dear Twilight, it may be just me, but I have noticed a worrying trend. More and more mistakes have been cropping up in your reports. This is not like you. Is there anything wrong? Breathe, relax, play, or hang out with friends. Lately you have been so wrapped up in your studies that you haven’t been sending me any friendship reports (not that I’m asking you to “MAKE a friendship lesson”). You can take a break if you feel any need to; the scheduled final exam can wait.

Then I made a few vector art with mouse. I was moderately satisfied with them, and they gave me the confidence that I could make something artistic.
Sleepy Sugarcube_Vectorized by KopaLeoLoyal  To Her Word_Vector by KopaLeoAs A Matter Of Fact... by KopaLeo
(curiously, the last one is my most fav'd piece so far, with 60 fav's)

Then I bought a tablet! Yes, I jumped directly into digital world, because I didn't have time to learn traditional art. I created this on the night of 2013-04-04, in a rush.
Goodbye Princess... by KopaLeo
And this is the first "polished" art I created, on 2013-04-11
Peace. Peace at Last by KopaLeo

And then I created my ponysona, Cosmia Nebula! But being the scientist I am, I carefully studied color theory, and conducted some research on the proper color scheme of ponies before creating my OC. It paid off. I never regretted my choice of colors (by a accident, Cosmia look like Maud, which is really felicitous, because Cosmia really loves Pinkamena).
Analysis of Color Schemes of MLP: FiM by KopaLeoCosmia Nebula Design by KopaLeo

I kind of stopped being artistically productive after 2013 September due to schoolwork, but I'll try to be more productive again, like how I used to be: in 2013 May, I made 11 pieces of art.

OK, time for some lists:

Best of...

Relativity Comic - Parody of Panel Play by KopaLeo
(took 3 days of nonstop work, my perfectionism drove me crazy, but also made this piece outstanding among my work)

   ...picture staring Twilight Sparkle:
Anxiety by KopaLeo
(drawn in an anxious period)

   ...picture staring me:
Let Go by KopaLeo
(drawn while listen to Evanescence songs)

   ...picture overall:
Kill Me in Your Embrace by KopaLeo
(Pinkamena... :heart:)

Friends (or semi-friends), in chronological order:
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Lithium - Evanescence
  • Eating: Muffin
  • Drinking: Water

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